Krissy Lynn Quick Facts

Alias: None
Date of Birth: 12/14/1984
Home Town: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Measurements: 36D-24-34
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Krissy Lynn Biography

Krissy Lynn was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Krissy made her adult industry debut in October 2008 when she was 23 years old with her very first adult film was for Naughty America.

Krissy Lynn is loved by all of her fans for many reasons including her big 36D implants! Krissy does not currently have any tattoos but she does have her ears and navel pierced!

Throughout her adult career Krissy Lynn has worked with a variety of adult production studios including Hustler, Digital Sin, Jules Jordan Video and Evil Angel. Krissy has also worked with a variety of adult stars including Shyla Stylez, Kelly Divine and Tori Black!

25 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. jacobn says:

    Looks like she grew up Mormon. I’d be interested in hearing about how she transitioned out of the religion and into porn.

  2. chis carmack says:


  3. Q says:

    I fell in love at first sight. How can I marry You?

  4. fred says:


    I Want fuck you please


  5. john says:

    what high school did u go too in SLC?

  6. Edd says:

    You are an amazing porn star. I so loved watching get fucked in arse, thanks. I have to say you are my equal favourite along with Kelly divine.

  7. Michael says:

    I just saw one of your shoots for and I absolutely loved your personality and your adventurousness, so I had to find some place to say I’m officially a fan of yours! All the best of luck to you 🙂

  8. Joey says:

    I love u
    When u fucked in the ass i wish i could fuck you to along side sophie dee you make me cum

  9. Dale says:

    Damn sexy, you are “cock” hard perfect.. You make me jealous of all your male co-stars.

  10. Dick Quick says:

    Hey Krissy, i love your great big American tits and could blow a full load all over them. Just wanted to say i think your smile is one of the best in the biz and the rest of you is top notch aswell as we say in the UK.
    lots of love……….Dick Quick !!

  11. Kairy says:

    As Krissy Lynn’s cousin I call tell you she was not raised Mormon, none of us were so there was no transition for her to make. Just because you’re born in Utah doesn’t make you Mormon

  12. Mark says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your work. This is the fist time I went searching for a porn stars name. I was so just drawn to your passion and erotic chemistry.

  13. jessy says:

    looking at u and ur simple problems brings me back to those days when i realy thought about it and came up with —-u need to be handled like a queen

  14. Tripp says:

    You’re really beautiful and sexy! nice tits 😉

  15. Kievfan says:

    I want to be your clitoris!))

  16. jim1953speed says:

    i thin your great! love all your work! its so nice a woman with nice bush!
    thank you,

  17. Gibreel Capriccio says:

    I’m sure that you know me from only one e-mail. And even if you looked up the e-mail it would be too far off for it to be recognized for me to be noticed. So what I’m going to do is remind you that I’m from you Jr. high class, the one where I often left you for the office, the attendance office. I’d also like to tell you that if you knew what I was going through every time I tried to look at you w/o masturbating, you’d feel more sympathy for me. I’m going to say that I’m still in love \with you and that I’m trying to find you online every day.

  18. kamran says:

    you are amazing,very beautifull .i love you ,and you sex and you body and your pussy.i love suck your pussy .

  19. me says:

    lose the bush. i don’t know what are you pornstars thinking … the bush its disgusting. PLEASE PERFORM IN THE 4TH PART OF ”GANGBANGED”

  20. Dylan says:

    Hey just wanted to say you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, as well in your tweets i was reading, a very spiritual person as well. It’s really cool to read your beliefs and viewpoints. Now more then ever is about embracing who we are, experiencing our truths, and putting out love. Cool to read that you are into meditation and alternative thinking. I think you are a truly amazing women. I wish you the best and much love.

  21. stef says:

    Hey Krissy,
    Caught my interest (on twitter) that u r into meditation and healing…Tantra (surprise surprise…)? Or something else. Sure you’ll attrack a lot of that needs deep healing (stuff that ‘picture’ will not suffice) .But, well so do I in my work, that”s life’s path, isn’t.
    Do you follow any practices / school for ur daily meditation?
    Well, I’m just curious, journeying on the spiritual path. Into crystal healing, tantra, energy work, love tao te tsing, osho and adyashanti (does satsangs / retreats on west coast US, saw him in Australia years ago).
    Anyway, feel free to chat back…feel free to ingrore. whatever path life takes…
    Love n light,
    PS:my 5c worths = keep the bush …stay natural and true to ur innerself 🙂

  22. Vikram says:

    Hey krissy, lemme tell you you look very pretty. Forget the sex part. U genuienely look very pretty. Muah

  23. Jeab felipe says:

    Krissy,YOU ARE THE BEST PORN STAR that I have already seen in my whole life.Would be a dream make love with you.I love when you are with your body full of oil.In All your movies you always are horny.
    Krissy,I just can tell you are beautiful.Be Happy Always!

    Obs:Brazilian Guy

  24. Hill says:

    “Krissy”, I wanted to tell you for a long time that I thank you are beautiful. You bring something new to the adult industry, something that was missing for a long time. Your probably tired of hearing how much guys want to fuck you because of how well you do your job. Now, don’t get me wrong, I too would like to have sex with you as well, but only when you want too. I would love to get to know the other side of Krissy Lynn, if that’s OK………

  25. C says:

    Hey there, I doubt you will get this. Would love to find a way to contact you. We had talked before a lot on a utah swinger site, but you were in Vegas at the time. We kept talking about getting together for some fun (this is before you started porn officially). Would love to catch up where we left off.

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